Your Guide to Generating Steady

Passive Income From Membership Sites

First things first – why are membership
sites the “Holy Grail” of the business world?

Membership sites provide expertise and solutions to specific problems at a really low cost. They have solutions to many problems in one place, reducing the need for users to search for information elsewhere.

The best part about membership sites is that it works for absolutely every industry, no matter how saturated it is.
From antiques to gardening to pregnancy to sailing to therapy, you can create a site for anything.

This 4 Steps

formula for creating and running winning membership sites will help you develop a stellar
membership site that will generate massive profits.

1 Find the people you want to sell to

People are at the heart of a successful membership site. The idea is to start building your membership site by keeping people at the center of the idea.

Begin by choosing a niche you want to enter. Let’s take parenting, for example.

Then, define your target customer – parents between 18 & 40 who have kids under the age of 10. Then ask yourself these questions:

  • What products are your target customers buying right now?
  • What categories/variants do they prefer the most?
  • Is there any space in this niche that I can fill?

You should continue to work on the same category until you reach a milestone – such as 10,000 members.

Then, you can add a new category and follow the same steps until you reach your next milestone.

This is what you should do:

  • Visit Amazon and type “parenting” in the search tab. You’ll get a list of categories under parenting displayed on the left-hand side.
  • Select one category that really speaks to you. For example, Family & Relationships.
  • Click on this category, and you’ll see a list of all toys, books, CDs, and so on that fall under the category. Explore as many products as you can to get a sense of what they offer. Check their reviews on Amazon to see how many people are buying each product. You can choose what to offer on your membership site based on this.
  • Next, to decide which specific product you can create, make a list of the most trending products in your chosen segment, and see how you can improve it. For example, you want to provide helpful guides and articles to parents. Now, if there’s a book called “50 Easy Ways To Instill Mindfulness In Your Child,” you can create a membership site that offers books/PDFs/lists specifically regarding kids-friendly experiments. You can title your guides as “100 Easy Ways To Instill Mindfulness In Your Child Under 6/7/8/9/10” – for each age group.
  • When starting your site, add just ten pieces of content, that is, guides/PDFs/lists. Then you can update this content – one piece every week.

2 Create a product that these people will love to pay for

Creating products for your membership site can be a challenge. But the trick isn’t to create something from scratch. Look at what’s already in the market and use that as your starting point. Make a better version of products that are already in existence.

As a rule, select a particular format and stick to it. For example, if you choose podcast-based content, your membership site should only offer podcast tutorials, and not written articles.

Okay, now how can you create content?

There are three ways to do so:

  • Create original content yourself
  • Purchase the best books/guides on the topic of your choice.
  • Study the table of contents and create an outline for your content
  • Write a better-researched and more creative version of the content

(Same goes with podcasts & videos – listen/watch and recreate)

  • Purchase and re-sell someone else’s content
  • On Google, type in “Re-sell Rights.” It’s better to add your niche in the keyword – “Parenting books re-sell rights.” You’ll find a list of websites that hold the legal rights to sell the rights of creative works like books/toys/videos/podcasts/games.
  • Enter a website, browse the category and product of your choice; for example, a book on science experiments that’s popular with parents. Check whether the re-sell rights include this right - “Can be used/added into paid membership websites.”
  • Compare the prices of the re-sell rights on other websites and purchase the rights from the website that has the best offer.
  • Hire a professional writer or graphic designer to create content for you
  • There are many freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, HireAWriter,, and so on, where you can hire freelance writers/designers.
  • So, log onto
  • Select the job category; that is, writing, graphic design, animation, and so on.
  • Browse through the different freelancers’ profiles, check the reviews they’ve
  • received, compare their quotes, and select the freelancer you want.
  • In some marketplaces, freelancers bid for the project, and you can choose the person who’s profile and quote you feel suits your needs.

3 Develop the process that will generate more site visits and sales

Now that you have your content ready, it’s time to set-up your membership site, publish the content and go live. This is what we mean by the “process” – setting-up a site that is very seamless for customers to use and that generates leads, engages visitors, encourages sign-ups & renewals, facilitates referrals, and so on.

There are many website development and hosting sites available out there, like WordPress, BlueHost, and SiteGround. But there’s a better platform than these that you can visit.

Kajabi is an excellent option for budding entrepreneurs for its budget-friendly packages, excellent customer support, and the sheer ease of collaboration. On Kajabi, you can do everything from posting articles to setting-up an online wallet to hosting webinars.

You can start using Kajabi on a trial basis and then pay for the hosting after the trial period is over.

4 Generate profit from patrons who will stick with you in the long run

To make profits, you need to get more people to visit your site and take up a membership. The biggest advantage of a membership site is that you’re offering so much information in one place that the site pretty much sells itself. All you need to do is get your idea out there for people to become aware of your site’s existence.

This is where Quora comes in. It is a community forum where users post the questions they have, and other Quora members (who are people like you and me) answer these questions. You can use Quora to promote your membership site completely free-of-charge!

  • So, create an account on Quora and log-in. Search for topics related to your membership site. For example, type in “Parenting tips.” You’ll get a list of suggested questions/topics.
  • Click on the question that is most relevant to a product you sell on your site.
  • Select “Answer” on the tab and type in your comment
  • You can use this “Answer” space to promote your membership site, explain the type of products you sell there, mention what content people can access for free, and how this content can help parents and kids. Be sure to paste 1-2 paras of your guide/article in the answer and provide the link to the guide on your site. Readers can follow this link and visit your site.

So, now that you know how to build and run a successful membership site, go ahead and get to it.

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