Privacy Policy

Last updates: May 16, 2018


1.3. Legal Capacity. You represent that you have legal capacity to enter into a contract.

1.4. Change in Conditions. We may revise and modify the Conditions from time to time without prior notice. The Conditions that apply to your purchase are the one we publish on the Site at the time of your order and which at that time you can print or save on your computer.

A. Who are We?

2.1. Different Language. The contract is concluded in English. Other versions are provided for your convenience but we are not binding by these translations.

2.2. Selection of Language. By selecting a language you certify to fully understand the Conditions and all other information displayed on the Site in the chosen language. If you are not sure to fully understand the information displayed on the Site or these Conditions, do not order any Product from us.

B. Information We Collect and Why

3.1. Product Descriptions. Product descriptions are presented on the Site and can be consulted before your order. Photographs and pictures have no contractual value.

3.2. No Offer. Any prices, quotations and descriptions made or referred to on the Site do not constitute an offer by us but an invitation for you to offer. We may withdraw or revised them at any time prior to our express acceptance of your order.

3.3. Choice of Products. The choice of Products, after having studied their features, is made under your sole responsibility and liability according to your needs such as you previously determined them before any order. You are the only person having complete knowledge of equipment, software and configurations that you use and are thus sole judge of the compatibility of the Products ordered with those you use. When you valid your order, you are deemed to have accepted the prices, volumes, quantities and features of the Products ordered.

3.4. Acknowledgement. Prior to our acceptance of your order, an automatic e-mail acknowledgement of your order is generated and sent to you. The purpose of this acknowledgement is giving you the chance to confirm your order details or to correct type errors. Please note that any such acknowledgement does not constitute a formal acceptance of your order.

3.5. Acceptance. An order submitted by you constitutes an offer by you to us to purchase Products under these Conditions. Your order is subject to our subsequent acceptance; therefore, the contract is formed at our acceptance of your order. Our acceptance takes effects when we dispatch your order after its checking: availability and payment of the Products ordered.

3.6. Previous Dispute. We reserve the right to decline any order from a customer with whom there would be a dispute with respect to the payment of a previous order.

3.7. Errors. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the prices and Product descriptions indicated on our Site are accurate, we cannot guarantee the correctness of all information. We reserve the right to notify you of any error relating to a Product prior to dispatch of your order. In such event, we convey to you the correct information so you can either (a) confirm your order under the corrected terms or (b) cancel it. If you confirm your order, you acknowledge that the Product is provided in accordance with such corrected terms.

3.8. Availability. We make every effort to ensure that the Products appearing on our Site are available. However, we cannot guarantee that all Products are in inventory or in our providers’ inventories. If we are unable to process or fulfil your order, we may either (a) reject it (without liability), in this case we send you a rejection email and we refund any prior payment that you have made; (b) propose alternative Products; or (c) continue to try to source the Products from our suppliers for thirty (30) days after your order. If we cannot source the Products within this time, we cancel (without liability) your order and send you a cancellation email.

3.9. Pre-orders. You may pre-order new Products. Release dates are given subject to the information received from our suppliers and licensors. We are not responsible if the release is delayed, cancelled or the content or cover art of the pre-ordered Product changed. Where a new release is cancelled, we cancel your order (without liability) your order, send you a cancellation email and immediately refund any prior payment that you have made.

3.10. Archives - Access. After validation of your order, we may keep, during a fair period, records of orders received, acknowledgements, acceptances and other contracts records. We may potentially be able to provide you with copies on written request. However, you shall print or save a copy of all such documents and these Conditions for your own records.